What We Do

Megavision Arts (MVA) is a visual media design collective. We design and produce creative content for projected environments and site-specific video installations. Partnering with technology providers, we use the latest in digital display technology to create illusions and transform environments.

Our specialties include architectural projection, video mapping, scenic projections, and interactive displays.

Our success is based upon having a thorough knowledge of all aspects of live event production, so that our projected environments integrate seamlessly with complimentary disciplines such as lighting, sound, scenic and staging.

Adhering to our truly collaborative approach, we work closely with agencies, producers and technology partners to design and produce immersive experiences that engage audiences, tell your story, leave memorable impressions and provide you with that highly desirable wow factor.


Architectural Projection
2D & 3D Video Mapping
Creative Direction
Content Creation
2D & 3D Animations
Motion Graphics
Interactive Displays
Holographic Projection
Stereoscopic 3D Projection
Seamless Panoramic Projection
Full Dome Projection
Virtual Scenery
Specialty Screen Design and Fabrication
Speaker Support Graphics
Project Management
Systems Integration